In order to preserve the integrity of our quality and service, we must adhere to our payment protocol as strictly as possible. Thanks for your understanding!

Payment Policies

Last Updated: 04/30/2017

Accepted Forms of Payment

Payments can be made at

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and direct bank transfer.

Only Corporate Checks will be accepted if paying with check.

A check processing fee will apply at discretion of project total.

Please write checks to Eyenamic Designs and mail to the following address: EYENAMIC DESIGNS LLC, PO BOX 782153, ORLANDO, FL 32878.

Project Commencement

In order to begin any project, an initial deposit will be due at the time of project commencement. So forth, payment is due when Eyenamic Designs completes each milestone, at the beginning of each month of monthly package services, or as listed in the Timeline schedule, and Client accepts the Deliverables for that milestone. All invoices are payable within 14 days of receipt unless alternative payment is agreed upon. Invoices shall list any expenses and additional costs as separate items.


Client agrees to pay Eyenamic Designs the fees listed in the Project Proposal/Invoice, including applicable taxes. Client will pay Eyenamic Designs expenses, including but not limited to: (a) Incidental and out-of-pocket expenses (b) Milage reimbursement, other than normal commuting (c) Travel expenses, other than normal commuting, but including airfare and rental vehicles, with client approval.

Project Completion & Delivery

To receive completed project and access credentials (if applicable), the corresponding invoice, as well as past due payments, must be paid in full at the time of delivery. 


Client shall, within 10 business days after receiving each Deliverable, notify Eyenamic Designs in writing of any failure to comply with the specification of the Project Proposal or of any other objections, corrections or changes required. Eyenamic Designs shall, within 10 business days of receiving Clients notification, correct and submit a revised Deliverable to Client. Client shall, within 10 business days of receiving a revised Deliverable, either approve the corrected version or make further changes. If after 3 corrections by Eyenamic Designs Client finds the Deliverables are not acceptable, Eyenamic Designs may terminate this agreement subject to the termination clauses of this Agreement. If Client fails to provide approval or comments during any approval period, those Deliverables will be considered approved and accepted. All objections, corrections and changes shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are acceptable by three methods: payment via credit/debit card on file, electronic bank transfer or check.


If paying by check, the check must be received by Eyenamic Designs no later than 10 business days of invoice due date or late fees are subject to apply.

Late Payments

A monthly service fee of 12.5 percent is payable on all overdue balances. Late fees will be assessed after 10 business days of invoice due date. All grants of any license to use or transfer ownership of any intellectual property rights under this Agreement are conditioned on full payment, including all outstanding Additional Costs, Expenses, Fees, or any other charges.


If you are not satisfied with our services, please deliver a written request for a refund, and we will deduct portions of payment for the work that was completed (measured by an hourly rate) and void all proposals, payment schedules and checks. All work completed will be delivered in a reporting spreadsheet logged with hours.