Do you contract graphic and web designers for your business? If not, you may want to consider the possibilities. If you have in-house designers, don’t get rid of them, as they offer many benefits and typically, fast turnaround times with face-to-face communication. However, if you’re looking to take your branding to the next level, contracting a designer is something that you may want to take into high level consideration. Here are some of the benefits that a contracted designer can add to your business.


Expertise from Experience

Contracted designers generally perform work for many different companies across several different industries. We’re used to establishing and following brand guidelines, working from existing promotional materials and having proper communication of deadlines. We also know our way around various different programs to help begin and complete many types of projects ranging from graphic design, web design, video editing, drafting and modeling to eliminate limitations of only possessing in-house software.


A Fresh New Set of Eyes

Do you sometimes feel that your brand is getting stale and is in need of a new look? Sometimes when daunted with dated brand guidelines, the mood can become stuck within replicating a handful of styles over and over and over and over and over again. Please trust that your customers notice, and although creating recognition, it does not always create sales.


A contracted designer will be able to introduce a fresh look and new style while also incorporating the things you already love about the brand. Sometimes an outside perspective is exactly what a business needs to drive new, targeted leads to the pipeline.

High Level of Professionalism

Being that contracted designers work across so many different industries, it never hurts to be too professional, if there is such a thing. In many cases, you can trust contracted designers to communicate effectively on behalf of your company if you’re looking to resell any of the services provided. This can be beneficial as this can be perceived as adding a new member to your team.


In addition, a contracted designer is often more motivated to finish the tasks at hand because generally, that person cannot get paid in full until the deliverables of the contract are fulfilled.

Credibility and Additional Exposure

Contracted designers must establish and maintain a certain level of credibility in order to capture leads and convert them into clients. If a contracted designer possesses some well known names in their portfolio, you can assume that they have had to step up to the plate on several occasions in order to guarantee a certain level of satisfaction and rapport.


Also, if the work you request is something that can be shown off in a portfolio, you can bet that the designer you contract will show off your projects as a trophy. This will shine through to any other clients that the designer may work for, and if your company offers services that may be appealing for B2B business, you may indirectly generate a lead.



All-in-all, it is always great to have the option to establish a relationship with designer for hire when you may be in dire need or in the position for a rebrand. Many designers also offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee, so your risk will almost always match the reward.